Karen Hill, Head of SIGMA


Karen Hill, Head of SIGMA

Since November 2011, Karen Hill has been the Head of SIGMA, a joint initiative of the OECD and European Union.  SIGMA supports governments and public administrations in the area of public governance reform, working with EU candidate countries and potential candidates, as well as European Neighborhood countries. Karen previously worked for the UK Government for many years in a variety of roles, as a policy maker, project manager and finance manager.  For the last 6 years Karen was a Director in the Better Regulation Executive, in which role she:

•          Was responsible for improving compliance with Regulatory Impact Assessments by government departments, achieving 97% in two years, and then moving the focus to improving the quality of RIA reports, with an emphasis on analysis and evidence-based policy making.

•          Led the UK project to measure the administrative burden of regulation on businesses, using the Standard Cost Model to enable targets to be set for reductions of 25% and annual simplification plans to be published.

•          Developed and led initiatives to rationalize the inspection and enforcement of regulation by both central and local government.  With a focus on improving the regulatory environment for businesses, Karen introduced a statutory Code of Practice for regulators and implemented reviews to evaluate the performance of regulators.

After leaving the Civil Service, Karen was involved in public administration reform and capacity building projects in diverse countries, including Croatia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Jordan, South Africa, Mexico and Vietnam.