Leon Malazogu, Executive director, Democracy for Development Institute (D4D)


Leon Malazogu is co-founder and executive director of Democracy for Development Institute (D4D), a think-tank in Prishtina dedicated to public policy research on links between democracy and development. Leon holds an M.A. degree in International Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from the University of Notre Dame. He has taught at the University of Prishtina, the American University in Kosovo and the South-East European University in Tetovo. He co-authored the curriculum for the newly opened department of Political Science/Public Administration for the University of Prishtina and served as a board member of the Albanian Political Science Association. He was scholar in residence at the Arizona State University for a semester researching public administration curriculum and local government. Previously, Leon served as a Regional Representative for the European Centre for Minority, Research Director at the Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development, adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister, and ran the Kosovo Office of the Project on Ethnic Relations. He lead NGO coalitions to change the electoral system in 2004 and to observe the elections in 2007. Leon has conducted numerous studies on democratization, ethnic relations, regional dialogue, northern Kosovo, higher education and frequently presents in prestigious academic and policy conferences. Several of Leon’s short pieces have been published, among others by Frank Cass Publisher, the Center for Peace Research at the University of Leuven, etc. Leon is a Member of the Steering Board of the University of Prishtina and a member of a Regional Policy Advisory Group run by the University of Graz.