Gordana Djurović, Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro


Gordana Djurović is a full professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro in Podgorica, where she teaches Economic Development, EU Enlargement policy, International Economic Relations, EU Cohesion policy and Regional policy on basic studies.

She is the Head of both post-graduate studies and under-graduate studies in the field of European Economic Integration. Also, she is head of the Jean Monnet Chair project focused on curriculum development of European studies. Prof. Djurović has authored more than sixty articles published in international and national professional journals, several text-books, as well as a number of papers relating to economic development, comparative economic analysis, and European Integration. She was the Minister for International Economic Relations and European Integration (February 2004-October 2006), the Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration (November 2006 – June 2009) and the Minister for European Integration (July 2009-Decermber 2010). During her mandate in the Montenegrin government she was Chief negotiator for the SAA with the EU, Chief negotiator for WTO accession, led the project EC Questionnaire, the first National Program of integration for Montenegro, Communication strategy about European integration, coordinated the IPA commitee for programming of EU pre-accession assistance and led the National commission for the implementation of the strategy for fight against corruption and organized crime.