Member of the Kosovo Parliament

Ms. Puhie Demaku is a Member of the Kosovo Parliament elected from the list of the Movement for Self Determination (Vetevendosje) in July 2014.

She is a Member of the parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee. Demaku is a member of the Presidency and Secretary for External Relations of “Vetevendosje”. Previoulsy, she has led the Foreign Affairs Committee from April 2011 until December 2013. Her professional career consists of a decade’s work in the public sector and media. Puhie taught World Politics and International Relations to US troops at the University of Maryland University College, Camp Bondsteel, until July 2013. She worked for the US Treasury Office for Technical Assistance in Kosovo for two years. In 2008 she held the position of Chief of Staff of the Kosovo Minister for Local Government. Prior to that, she worked as a Communications Specialist in USAID projects. She started her career as a radio journalist/manager. She holds an MA in Contemporary European Politics from the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK and a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Pristina.