Chairman of Municipality Council of Durres city, co-founder of the Party for Justice and Integration (PDI)


Indrit Hamiti was elected as Chair of the Municipality Council of Durrës in the local elections of May 8th, 2011 until October 2013. He was one of the founders of the Party for Justice and Integration (PJI) when created in 2005, and he is among the high level liders since the first elections of this electoral party. In the parliamentary elections of year 2005, he was elected from PJI to candidate for Member of Parliament in one of the electoral zones of Durrës. He has been an active part in all activities undertaken by the Party for Justice, Integration (PJI) in and out of the territory of Albania. The most significative meetings have been the ones with Members of the European Parliament, meetings in the Council of Europe, and the meetings in the United States Congress.

In year 2007, he co-founded together with a group of well known intellectuals the “Albanian Foundation for Environment and the Economy”, being elected also as President of the Board of Directors. The Foundation supported primarily the publication of the newspaper “Lajmi”, and now the publication of the weekly local newspaper “Dyrrah”. 

He was graduated in the year 1999 as an Urban Architect. During the years 1998-1999, Indrit developed his studies for the diploma preparation in the Faculty of Architecture in Montpellier (France) as part of the “Tempus” programme. After completing his graduate studies in 1999, Indrit founded the projection studio “A&I Design” which continues to function as a LLC private enterprise. 

From the year 2003 until 2011, Indrit was member of the Council for Regulation of Territory in the Municipality of Durrës.

He speaks English, French and Italian.